Skin Care

We offer 10, 20, 30- and 60-minute facial services. Each facial will include face mapping, use of skin specific Dermalogica products, an element of touch therapy as well as targeted treatments based on your skin health and concerns.

 Pro Skin 60 Facial $75 (60 min)
Our most in depth and results oriented facial that includes double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, touch therapy, masque, moisturizer and targeted treatments.

Pro Skin 30 Facial $45 (30 min)
Still in depth and results oriented like to ProSkin 60, just with a quicker and more economical time frame.

Pro Power Peel 60 $90 (60 min)
Powerful resurfacing facial treatment that will brighten and reduce signs of aging. Includes double cleansing, masque, moisturizing, and targeted treatments along with the strongest exfoliation that we provide.

Pro Power Peel 30 $75 (30 min)
The quicker no-nonsense approach to resurfacing.

Micro Zone Treatments $25 (10 min)
Choose from Eye, Lip, Cheek, Chin or Forehead mini treatments will help solve a myriad of issues.

Mini Facial $35 (20 min)
Double Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and targeted treatments while relaxing in our shampoo area.

Micro Facial $25 (10 min)
Double Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Great for testing out our Dermalogica products and just to freshen up!

Dermaplane $25 (10 min)
Double Cleansing, toning, manual exfoliation, fine hair removal, and moisturizing.

Deluxe Paraffin Hand & Arm Massage $25
Cleansing, exfoliation, toning and moisturizing treatment along with signature hand and arm massage.

Paraffin Hand & Arm Massage $15
Moisturizing treatment with signature hand and arm massage.


We use a combination of hard and soft resin and synthetic waxes in order to cater to every skin and hair type.

Eyebrow Shaping $20

Center Brow Wax $10

Lip Wax $10

Chin Wax $15

Cheek Wax $15

Nose Wax $15

Sideburn Wax $15

Ear Wax $15

Forehead Wax $15

Face Wax (brows, lip, cheeks, chin, forehead) $70

Neck Wax $15

Back Wax- half (Upper or lower) $35

Back Wax- full (Base of neck to small of back) $65

Arm Wax- half (elbow to fingertip) $35

Arm Wax- full (fingers to shoulders) $50

Underarm Wax $30

Chest Wax (Collarbone to Sternum) $40

Abdomen Wax (Sternum to low hips) $40

Leg Wax- full (tips of toes to top of thighs) $75

Leg Wax- half (top of knee down to toes) $40

Bikini Wax- Basic (outside panty line) $40

Bikini Wax- Thin Strip (partly inside panty line) $50

Brazilian Bikini Wax (all front to back) $55


• Prices listed include finish or cut, as written
• Full service price is quoted during consultation at the beginning of your service
• Length, thickness & condition of hair are taken in to consideration for timing & product charges
• We offer a myriad of color techniques that is always changing & evolving with trends.

Color & Finish $105+

Color & Cut $120+

Highlighting & Finish $115+

Highlighting & Cut $130+


Artistic Color Technique & Finish $125+

Artistic Color Technique & Cut $140+

Gloss & Finish $80+

Gloss & Cut $95+ 

Color Camo No Cut $30

Color Camo w/Cut $55

Perm & Finish $115+

Perm & Cut $130 

Specialty Perm & Finish $120

Specialty Perm & Cut $135

Cutting and Design

Vinegar Rinse $5

Hair Masque $5

Deluxe Hair Masque $10

PreArt $20

pHBonder $20

Chemistry Treatment $20

Deluxe Chemistry Treatment $25

Heat Cure $35

Braid Upgrade $10

Steam Infusion Upgrade $20

Dermaplane $25

Mini-facial $25

Mirabella Minute $0

Paraffin Hand & Arm Massage $15

Deluxe Paraffin Hand & Arm Massage $25